Belleri Ltd is works on the following processes:

  •      cutting
  •      bending
  •      calendering
  •      welding
  •      machining
  •      non-destructive testing
  •      painting
  •      mounting

The interior and exterior machinery fleet of the company allows Belleri Ltd to face the most diverse types of work. The internal fleet is composed with a 200 Amp plasma cutting, a  6 mt bending, the pulsed arc welding.

The company manages a joint center performing precision mechanics processing of carpentry components, also of different sizes.

The centers of painting and assembly, with years of experience, are qualified and avant-garde technology and perform standard and special works.

The lifting equipment handles structures of up to 20 tons. and lengths up to 14 m. Belleri entrusts welding operations to the trained and certified staff, so that the customer may always have a great peace of mind.